With over 40 years of experience in photographic print making, there is a great deal of knowledge and expertise needed to know how a certain image should be printed. From the old film days to today’s digital and with over a thousand print products available on our ROES and Labprint systems, Protek has the background and the technology to satisfy the most demanding and meticulous requirements.


Print Services Offered

Digital Proof Output

This service is a complete print out of all Images / files in a CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, USB DRIVE or any other media or submitted on line. For the best quality, every image is individually density, color, contrast and saturation corrected, and printed with laser printers on true professional photographic papers. Several border options are available (i.e. Sloppy, Keyline, Reverse Keyline and White or Black Bordered).


Digital Selective Prints

Selective prints allows you to choose and print only a selection of images from your CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or any other media. Each image is color and density corrected. Mixed sizes and quantities can be printed with this service.


Digital Quantity Prints

8x10s as low as 75¢

Discounts available for all print sizes ordered in quantities of 50 or more. Excellent option for head shots or publicity prints.


Custom Digital Prints

This service is for the highest quality of digital outputs. Every image file is video analyzed for the best color and density corrections. Then numerous tests are made until the best possible print quality is achieved. Available in Luster or Metallic surfaces.


Greeting Cards

We offer SLIMLINE 4×8 greeting cards with verity of designs and formats. Personal imprinting is available in all colors and fonts. Mailing envelopes are included.